Kaya the next Multibagger

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Kaya the next Multibagger

Post by Dhillon » Wed May 16, 2018 10:07 am

Hello All,

This post is regarding Kaya as we are aware that porinju has taken a stake in it but as i was going through the porinju holding in kaya i was surprised to see the huge stake porinju's equity intelligence and Eq india fund has taken, it has acquired 13.44% stake of the company.

Interesting fact:

Promoters holding around 60% stake
Company is debt free
Company has cash reserves of around 175 crores
Reliance mutual fund is holding more than 3% stake.

Total free float available is only 23% and there are many individual small investors who follow Porinju they must have hoarded the shares so free float only going to decrease which ultimately leads to surge in the share price.

Porinju is saying on almost each of his interviews about consumption theme and then says we are holding this much percentage of kaya just like he used to do it in future consumer.

I see porinju will continue buying kaya for some time.

If anyone believes that kaya is the story and believes it can turn out to be a multibagger then this is the opportunity then this is the time before it gets too late.

Attaching equity intelligence holding source BSE disclosures

Debt free and reserves source equity intelligence website

Reliance mutual fund holdings source bse shareholding pattern.

I request please do not go by the price of the share if it is Rs 1000 then it cant go multibagger,
My gut feeling says it will, please take a call as per your knowledge and understanding.
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Re: Kaya the next Multibagger

Post by valuepicker » Wed May 16, 2018 3:45 pm

Kaya is from Marico and company from group like that can not remain depressed for a long time. With discretionary spend on rise, it will do well. It's the leader in this segment and with deep penetration in the country, it will be a great compounder for next 5 years

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