Vijay Kedia Latest Portfolio Of Multibagger Stocks

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Vijay Kedia Latest Portfolio Of Multibagger Stocks

Postby Srilata Rao » Mon May 22, 2017 1:39 pm

Vijay Kedia has several multibagger stocks in his portfolio such as Punjab Tractors, Cera Sanitaryware, Aegis Logistics and Atul Auto.

Vijay Kedia strictly adheres to SMILE as a principle in investing; which translates into Small in size, Medium in experience, Large in aspiration and Extra large in market potential.

His is a rags to riches story. Kedia came to financial capital Mumbai from the City of Joy, Kolkata, in 1989. His first big bet was an investment of Rs 35,000 in Punjab Tractors, which earned him Rs 1.50 lakh in three years.

He then bet on ACC, which multiplied his wealth 10 times. And that kicked off a journey that has left him with a Rs 400 crore portfolio at last count. Kedia today has holdings in around 15 companies.

Kedia has a knack for spotting unpopular and sometimes unheard of stocks. Short term investment is a big no no for him. Instead he prefers to play it for the long term.


Aegis Logistics, Cera Sanitaryware and Atul Auto are the best examples of his stockpicking prowess; stocks that have doubled his money in last 10 years. TRF, LIC Housing and Leading Edge (not listed now) also delivered him handsome returns during different times over the past 15 years. But Kedia counts Punjab Tractors (in 1989), ACC (in 1992), Leading Edge (in 1998), Cera Sanitaryware (in 2004) and Aegis Logistics (in 2005) among his best bets.

One of his latest bets has been Sudarshan Chemicals, which he picked in 2014. He bought 25,55,317 shares in the company at Rs 42 apiece and in three years, the scrip was trading at 10 times that price at Rs 401 on May 16, 2017.

Kedia said while spotting a stock, the company management is the most important issue for him.

“Good managers in bad business are better than bad managers in good business. InterGlobe Aviaton and Kingfisher are the best examples,” he said.

On his own performance, Kedia said, “An investor should chase the story behind his investment, not the money on table. Money can make you rich, but story can make you wealthy.”

Despite coming from a joint family owned stock broking company in Kolkata, Kedia was never interested in broking and parted with his home business at an early age to invest on his own.

“Realising your mistake is knowledge, repeating the mistake is stupidity,” Kedia said.

Kedia identifies 3M music, meditation and markets – as the core of his life. “Music is the highest degree of meditation,” he said.

“You can find Kedia as a singer on YouTube very easily.”

On his journey since the beginning, Kedia said, “I started with the only capital of dream, courage and ambition. Today, these are still my most valuable capital, but thankfully I also have some pocket money to spend. My present portfolio is much better than my portfolio in the last bull market, and it is building up brick by brick just like the saying in Hindi: Boond boond se ghada bharta hai.” ... 784177.cms

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