Vijay Kedia Latest Portfolio 2017 Gives Upto 170% Gain

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Vijay Kedia Latest Portfolio 2017 Gives Upto 170% Gain

Postby Pee Vee » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:41 pm

Vijay Kedia, MD, Kedia Securities has been part of Dalal Street for the last 28 years. He belongs to a family having a background of the stock market for more than 100 years. He has identified more than many multibaggers such as such Atul Auto, Punjab Tractors, Aegis Logistics, Cera Sanitaryware, TCPL Packaging among others.

Some stocks in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio have given up to 170 percent so far in the year 2017.
These stocks include ABC Bearings which rose 171 percent followed by Vaibhav Global which gained 73 percent. Cera Sanitary gave 42 percent gain in the same period.


On a five year basis, over 60 percent of stocks in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio have given multibagger returns of up to 1100 percent.

These are TCPL Packaging, Heritage Foods, Cera Sanitary, Atul Auto, Apcotex Industries etc.

Vijay Kedia is valued for his understanding of the economy and the stock-market. He has weathered many Bull and Bear markets cycles in his stock market life of nearly 28 years now.

His investment covers stocks from Automobile, Infrastructure, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, FMCG, Chemicals etc. He has multifaceted knowledge of the capital market and related areas.

He is an independent long term investor, independent trader and also a fundamental analyst. According to him, “It’s not only about how to invest but one should equally know when to exit from the stocks.”

Changes to Vijay Kedia’s portfolio in June 2017 quarter holdings:

Kedia and Kedia Securities increased their stake in Repro India to 7.10 percent from 6.91 percent recorded in March quarter.

He also raised his stake in Cheviot Company from 1.29 percent March quarter to 1.49 percent for the quarter ended June.

However, he reduced stake in Aries Agro from 4.60 percent in June quarter 1.83 percent for the quarter ended March. The stock has underperformed Nifty as well in the year 2017. It dropped nearly 7 percent when
Nifty rose nearly 19 percent in the same period.

Kedia also reduced his stake marginally from Sudarshan Chemicals from 3.69 percent in March quarter to 3.62 percent for the quarter ended June.

Kedia has kept his stake constant in ABC Bearings at 4.75 percent, Apcotex Industries at 1.12 percent, Cera Sanitary at 1.54 percent, Karnataka Bank at 2 percent, Apar Industries (at 1.11 percent), Astec LifeSciences (1.02 percent), Atul Auto (1.16 percent), and Vaibhav Global (1.06 percent). ... 58727.html

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