Pros & Cons of Short-Term Investment

Here we discuss about stocks and we should buy them or not.
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Pros & Cons of Short-Term Investment

Postby niveza » Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:02 pm

Are you one of those who totally rules out short-term investment while planning investment? Generally, short-term investment is drawn with negative colours by financial planners and conservative investors. The primary reason cited against it is - that it poses an extreme risk to the capital. To some extent it is true. When you invest with a certain timeframe in mind, it automatically puts you under pressure. The pressure to get the desired results in the pre-determined time and the overbearing anxiety that comes along. Despite it being widely criticised, short-term investment is quite popular with the investors. Over the years, it has been creating wealth for investors through various investment instruments i.e. stocks, mutual fund (debt & equity), etc.

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