The benefits of Long-term Investment

Here we discuss about stocks and we should buy them or not.
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The benefits of Long-term Investment

Postby niveza » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:47 pm

One of the most crucial parts of stock investment is patience. The one who is patient reaps the maximum benefits of the equity investment. There are some market pundits who believe that it's not the stocks that make you money it's the patience of the investor which eventually lands him/her in fortune. In the world where the attention span of people is getting shorter and shorter, it's extremely difficult to have a long-term investment perspective. The reason I say it's difficult is that we have to go by the conventional definition of the word 'long-term'. It's not 3 to 5 years neither is it 5 to 8 years. Warren Buffett's answers to "how long will he hold a certain investment", is always the same - forever.

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