Ramesh Damani Latest Stock Picks Portfolio (2018)

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Ramesh Damani Latest Stock Picks Portfolio (2018)

Post by Srilata Rao » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:27 pm

Latest stock pick of Ramesh Damani

Ramesh Damani latest stock pick is Quick Heal Techonologies, the maker of anti-virus software. Ramesh Damani’s name features among individual shareholders having more than 1 percent stake in . His stake stands at 1.06 percent as on Dec. 31.

SRG Housing Finance is Latest stock pick of Ramesh Damani. He holds 111,000 shares of SRG Housing Finance which were allotted to him pursuant to a preferential offer in February 2017.

SRG Housing Finance

Loan book at 125 cr as of Sep 2017

Has set out ambitious targets

*FY2020e 500cr
*FY2022e 1000cr

Promoter increased stake to 61.57% as of Dec 2017
Ramesh S Damani HUF holds a mere 0.85%

Latest Portfolio of Ramesh Damani

Stock Name Quantity Held Holding Percent Holding Value (Rs.)

TV Today Network Limited 869,686 1.46% 39.21 Cr
Quick Heal Technologies Limited 744,079 1.06% 27.12 Cr

Holding of Ramesh Damani in Uniply Industries Limited and Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd as in December 2017 is not known because he has reduced shareholding in these stocks to below 1%.

Ramesh damani tells us this is as good as any other time to stay invested in the market, there is value now in the larger caps compared to midcaps.

Ramesh damani tells @CNBCTV18Live this market is not topping out anytime soon.

Stock recommendations of Ramesh Damani

We are looking at affordable housing, airlines, quick service restaurants and gaming stocks. If you are looking more for year to year view, I would suggest you look at OMCs. They are fairly cheap. The earnings trajectory is good. Their dividend yield is good. It is good for the next couple of years. I would look at those stocks. But if you want to build a portfolio, if you are a young person, you are 20 years old and you want to build a portfolio for your retirement when you are 50; if want to plan for your child’s education when he is 25, I think the four sectors I mentioned are immune to technological threats.

A lot of the businesses I am very scared about because of artificial intelligence, internet of operations, robotics would take us into uncharted territories. But these businesses seem relatively immune to technological threat. As I suggested those are the four sectors that seem very promising from a decade’s perspective.

https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/ma ... 151114.cms

The QSR space -- that has been your big bet and that is paying off now.

A: It is. The results that came in from, one of them was very heartening. Let us see how the other one does also. However, these are good long term stories, these are stocks – if you go back and see what stocks have compounded – say Gruh Finance which I owned, just saying as a matter of reference, it has compounded for so many years 25-30 percent, I think the QSR will do the same over the next 10-15 years period because the inherent attractiveness of the business as we move from unorganised to organised, people wanting access to clean hygienic food, so, I think these are long terms stories. They have rewarded us in the short run, that is good enough, but I think they still have a long way to go perhaps.

http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/busine ... 89045.html

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Re: Ramesh Damani Latest Stock Picks Portfolio (2018)

Post by valuepicker » Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:05 pm

Is SRG finance looking to be a compounder. It has corrected a bit Is it a good level to enter or one should wait for more correction?

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Re: Ramesh Damani Latest Stock Picks Portfolio (2018)

Post by valuepicker » Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:58 pm

Looks like Ramesh Damani has exited SRG finance..Is there a trouble with this company?

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